Check specifications first here
For an iOS device* (iPhone, iPad, iPod): 
On your device, click on this link and follow the steps below:
• Tap on the … (or Share button) in the upper right. 
• Tap Gift App…in the share sheet that pops up. 
For Mac OS X*:
We sell the app directly for Mac. Use this link and use your recipient's email address when you purchase the app. It will send it directly to their email address. 
Or you can buy an Apple Gift card here for the recipient who can redeem it in the Mac App Store (it is not possible to gift Mac App Store apps currently).
For an Android device (Google Play Store):
Purchase a gift card for the Play Store they can redeem online: Gift card purchase
For the Fire tablet (Amazon AppStore):
Purchase Amazon gift cards, use their link (or find it in All or search)
link at Amazon for gift card information
*We have separate license purchases for iOS and Mac