Each App store is separate from any other, sorry we cannot transfer your purchase between them, information here.
iOS /App Store/:
Latest version of iReal Pro requires iOS 15 or later.
App size: approx. 85 MB
macOS /Mac App Store or direct download/:
Latest version of iReal Pro requires macOS 11 Big Sur or higher.
For macOS 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina, download this version.
Android /Google Play Store (only)/:
Latest version of iReal Pro requires Android OS 8 or higher.
App size: approx. 83.9 MB
[If you purchased the app previously and need to install it on a device with older OS version, contact us through the support form with the email address you used for the original purchase in Google Play Store (minimum OS 2.2. and Armv7 Processor)]
Android emulator (for PCs): Information here
Fire tablets: Android OS 8 or higher
(Identify your Fire model. All Fire model specifications)
Windows-Amazon: information here to run iReal Pro as an Android app
Song / Playlist files (All versions)
You need 5 - 20 MB to have thousands of songs in the app.
The main playlists take up approx. 2 MB