iOS, Android
Select a song and tap the Chord Diagrams button in the lower right corner.
Turn on the chord diagrams for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele or Chord Scales.
Guitar, Ukulele choose for left or right hand players;
Piano choose from one or two handed chords;
Chord scales have the option of treble or bass clef.
- Tap the library button to see all available chords (scales)
- Turn on or off Display small chord diagrams in the chart (Font)
An example of the Piano Chord diagrams:
Mac version
From the Window menu, choose from Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Chord scales (or use their key commands as shown in the menu to the right)
iReal Pro Settings > General
  • for Guitar, Ukulele: right or left handed guitar option
  • for Chord scales: treble or bass clef option

In the Piano Chords window (control-P) select one or two handed chords from the dropdown menu

Click the library button to see all available chords (scales)
Change the font (Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Chord scales) to display those diagrams in the chart for each chord