The Amazon AppStore sells iReal Pro (purchase link on our website)

If you have not purchased the Android version of iReal Pro, then you can use information on this page to decide which App Store to purchase from, according to your devices or computer model, OS version, specs etc. (for now and into the near future).

If you have already purchased from either the Amazon AppStore or the Google Play store, this information will help you know whether (or how) you can install it into another Android device/computer or if it would be easier for you to purchase from the other for convenience.

(Turn off internet, see below*)

The Google Play store is the default App Store for (most) Android OS devices. However you should be able to download (sideload) the Amazon AppStore, purchase apps from your Amazon account, install your Amazon apps and run them just as you do with any other app from the Play store.

Why the Amazon App Store?
Amazon FIRE tablets
already have the Amazon AppStore installed

Huawei devices
might not have access to the Play store due to restrictions, but the Amazon AppStore can be downloaded/installed.

Other non-Google Android devices (no Google Services)
Example: devices running on e/OS (operating system) (or similar)
Example: a Fairphone should be able to download/install/run apps from the Amazon AppStore
Example: a Murena phone
(A Murena Fairphone e/OS review Sept 2023, for those evaluating going Google-less)

(Pixel/Graphene OS includes full support for the Play Store according to their information.)

Please search for up-to-date information related to your device, model, its OS-variant etc. and their forums.

Windows 11 computers (most)
can run Microsoft's WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android)
While many of our Windows users have been using iReal Pro (from the Play store) in an Android emulator, the Amazon AppStore version is a better experience for Windows 11 users.
Import files including backup files from other iReal Pro devices. (WSA) information here

Our Windows information here (emulators and WSA)

Normal Android devices
can download (sideload) the Amazon AppStore. There may be apps there that are not available from the Play store or you have already purchased apps from Amazon and do not wish to purchase the same app from the Play store.
(And apparently it is possible to install the Amazon AppStore into an Android emulator like BlueStacks.)

Installing the Amazon AppStore
(The Amazon AppStore app is separate app from the Amazon Shopping app)

A (how to) guide on installing (or search for similar)

Download from Amazon
Download the AppStore from the MS appstore

Amazon FAQs and HELP  (if you have problems, contact Amazon, not us)

iReal Pro related
We cannot transfer any iReal Pro purchase between the Google Play store and the Amazon AppStore. They are separate companies and Amazon doesn't provide us any promo codes.

We only sell the Android version through the Google Play Store or the Amazon AppStore.
(No F-Droid version or any other.)

iReal Pro license information (iReal Pro is a one-time purchase, no subscriptions)
iReal Pro specifications
iReal Pro website for purchase links, information
IAP purchases, install information

Please contact Amazon directly as you would with any other Amazon purchase (not us).
See their Help link above for FAQs and Help.


* After installing iReal Pro from the Play store, open/use the app, download songs from the forum etc. during the first week (the Play store does its checks). Then you can turn off internet. iReal Pro will still function, play songs, you can edit songs, transpose, add text, create playlists, create new songs etc.
We have a number of users living off-grid/no internet, with iReal Pro keeping them company. Some have a separate android device/tablet for their off-line work/play.