Customize common odd time signatures using text (v2024.4 or higher)

5/8, 5/4 can be played as 3+2 or 2+3 (default 3+2)
7/8, 7/4 can be played as 4+3 or 3+4 (default 4+3)
Select from the options in the Text menu or type 2+3, 3+4... in the desired measure (remains until the opposite is used)
Mac screenshot showing text options (Android, iOS similar)
showing various odd time signatures with text 2+3 etc. entry underneath
For older versions of iReal Pro or for other feels
Create a compound time signature in the editor for the song.
(Tip: Use copy and paste to make the editing faster.)
As an example: 7/8 to be played as 3+2+2 instead of the more conventional 2+2+3