Android emulation notes
(generally Bluestacks related)

BlueStacks v4 and v5*
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BlueStacks v4 emulates Android 7.1.2 Nougat. This means an older version of iReal Pro is installed by the Play Store (iReal Pro v2020.7).
BlueStacks v5 emulates Android 7.1.2 Nougat or Android 9 Pie (as at Aug 2021, Pie is a beta version) information here.

Our Windows users are using BlueStacks or Memu emulator with good results although there are other android emulators available.

To install the newest version of iReal Pro (as at 2021) you will need an emulator running Android v8 or higher.

If you have not purchased the Android version of iReal Pro, purchase directly from the Play Store. Most emulators have the Play store installed or a way of installing it.

Otherwise make sure you are signed in with the Google account you used previously for purchasing iReal Pro.
Our general Android install information here.

If BlueStacks asks you to pay see this (v4) or this (v5) (or try Closing then Opening it again or search their FAQs).
Other emulators may have similar instructions.

This information from Google describes the options they recommend (generally clearing the caches works).

Bluestacks v5, slow performance
For Bluestacks v5 (other emulators might be similar), they suggest to turn on Virtualization to take advantage of more than one core (CPU). Please use search their FAQs or contact Bluestacks directly for support.

Bluestacks v5, settings
You might like to play around with the different settings for the emulator, according to your PC specifications and other apps you are using at the same time (PC and inside the emulator).
iReal Pro seems to work with 2 cores, default screen resolution, 2GB RAM allocation. The 240 DPI resulted in landscape tablet size so the song library appeared on the left and song chart on the right.

Transferring files between Android and PC
iReal Pro files need to be in the Android environment for importing (or for restoring from a backup etc.) by using the standard Android "Open with..."
In Bluestacks use their Media Manager to transfer files from your PC environment to Bluestacks, then import (using Open with...).

Other emulators may offer the option (configuration) to set up a Shared folder that both Android and the PC environment share, used for transferring files.
Do not expect an iReal Pro formatted file (.html) in your PC environment to find or open iReal Pro to import it.

Others use Drive as a shared location (install Drive in both your PC and emulator) then you can save and transfer from one environment to the other using this shared storage location.

Share menu
For sharing files from iReal Pro (export), the Share menu may not show many options initially.
Setting up Google Drive will give you the option to share to your cloud storage. (This is the recommended location for saving your iReal Pro song backups, archives. Always do regular backups.)
Setting up email inside the emulator gives you email as an option in the Share window.
Some File managers appear in the Share menu, so you can save files internally (in the "SD card" memory of the emulator) (to then import them back into iReal Pro or email or a shared folder your PC has access to, etc.)
Both Solid Explorer or FX File manager (apps available from the Play store) show in the Share menu.
See this (our forum information)

Browser, iReal Pro forum
You should be able to use a browser in your emulator to navigate and download songs from the iReal Pro forum if you prefer.
Any Windows environment browser will not be able to directly import files from the iReal Pro forum, or any iReal Pro file (as described above).

Further help
You will find our user guide, tutorials in More > Help (Nougat) or Settings in iReal Pro (Pie).
Please search YouTube where some of our users have uploaded videos of how they use Android.

Because of the complications of the Android emulators, we are unable to provide technical support. You might find help from other users in the iReal Pro forum.
Or search for any relevant thread before starting a new one. You must be registered at the forum (manually register after purchase) and logged in to post a question.

One of our users uploaded this to YouTube demonstrating iReal Pro in BlueStacks here.
Please search through your emulator's FAQ, support information.

General information on iReal Pro v7 (Nougat)
There are 4 tabs (screens), Songs, Playlists, Forums, More.
You will find help in More > Help, tutorials, although generally the information refers to newer versions of iReal Pro.
You will find various YouTube videos based on this older version of iReal Pro upload by our users.

You can either use the Forums window in iReal Pro or an Android browser for navigating, search and downloading songs.

The song file format is the same on all platforms and various versions of iReal Pro, so you can share or import songs from your bandmates, teaching, export for students etc.

Archiving, Backups
More > Backup (v7 iReal Pro - Nougat)
Settings > Backup (Pie)
Please backup your songs regularly, save your backup files outside your emulator (not in its SD card memory) in case you have to reinstall the emulator or have to format your drive.

Useful tips:
To select a measure for either playing from or to highlight the first measure of a loop, click-hold on that measure which will then highlight.

For selecting measures in the editor for cut/copy, click in the first measure you want to select (so the cursor is in that measure), click-hold in that measure to select it, then click the last measure to end.

After recording, you will need to find your recorded track. Information.

* Installing BlueStacks v5 is a completely new install, it does not import apps and data from v4 (reported by our users). Please backup (More > Backup) your songs to Drive (or your Bluestacks email) so you can restore (import, using Open with...) your songs in v5.