Keep in mind that the forums (including the SANDBOX) cannot provide archival storage for the personal playlists of our many thousands of users.

You can post songs/playlists to Sandbox to share it with your band but the Forum Admin purges posts in the sandbox every month - keeping the last 2 months available temporarily.

You can archive iReal Pro files (your playlists) for public access using other file-sharing sites (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) or your group's or your own website. For example, playlist files for a school band or choir could be archived within the school's system.

You can also email your playlist(s) to other iReal Pro users (like members in your band) directly in iReal pro format from your device.

You are encouraged to share NEW (to the forums) content (individual songs), which will be kept available in their discussion threads. 

Personal playlists containing titles already posted on the forums make searching more difficult.