There is no option to export a PDF (either single page or multi-page playlist) without our “Made in iReal Pro" credit at the bottom of each page.
We consider it courteous to have its origin acknowledged because you are using our app to create the chart (like you have the Apple logo on your computer).
Your support helps us continue future development.

However, it is possible to delete (or cover) it in various ways either using a PDF editor or vector app, for example:
  • Delete the text itself, some PDF apps will allow you to edit the text (delete it);
  • Delete the text box, a vector app may allow you to select the text box then delete it;
  • Cover the text with a white rectangle, annotation mode on many PDF editors (the credit would remain underneath if opened in a vector app).
Out of curiosity, we looked at a few different apps to do this:
  • PDF Expert (by Readdle) In Edit, use the Text tool to edit the text (delete it).
  • Vectornator (free, as at April 2018) Share to Vectornator, use the selection arrow, tap to select its text box, delete. (A playlist will separate into individual pages.)
  • PDF Cropper, Imports single or playlist PDF, crop off the bottom. (Careful you have not cropped off any chords or text at the bottom). Obviously this will change the proportions of the page.
  • Affinity Designer, Open into Designer, click on the text box, delete, export as PDF. For a multi-paged PDF playlist, the pages show side-by-side as small images, but as they are editable, a click, delete on each page can be quickly done. (A 40 page playlist took about a minute to edit and export.)
  • PDF Expert (from Readdle) (as for iOS) the text tool can delete (or edit) the text.
  • Apple Preview, Annotate a white rectangle to cover it, copy, then click on each text box and paste for each subsequent page (can be done quickly). (If opened in a vector app, the rectangle is just another element on the page and deleting it would reveal the credit again.)
  • Other PDF apps such as Skim PDF (open source, free) might work also.
  • Xodo PDF editor (free) Edit, paint white over it
PC :
  • Send the charts to your PC. The Windows version of Affinity Designer or Xodo will work in the same kind of way (both mentioned above). Or you should be able to edit with apps like Drawboard PDF or a vector app like Inkscape (not tested).
(Information complied May 2018)