(Android below)
iReal Pro works with an external keyboard (Apple Smart/Magic keyboard or paired wireless).
This can make it much quicker to edit or create a new song, or to use your iOS device remotely (for example in live performance where you might be a small distance away from your device).
(BTW, iOS devices also work with Apple Watch for remote use)
You can use the keyboard for triggering Play/Stop, Pause, Next song, changing tempo, (soft) transposing, changing styles etc.
Holding down the command key (iPad only) will show the shortcuts window (there are separate shortcuts in the Editor). Tap Files at the bottom of the key commands window or swipe to the left, to see the cmd-P (Print) (or any other) option listing.
2023.11 or higher: Play/Stop, Space bar toggles; Pause, period (full stop) key (.) (See screenshot below)
2023.7 or below: Play/Pause, Space bar toggles; Period (.) stops play
Within the Editor, you can enter chords by typing on your external keyboard, use key commands to add a single barline,  change font size, move the cursor to any space, delete or add beats etc.
(Note: when in landscape, the virtual keyboard may block seeing the full screen of shortcuts.)
External support for keyboards iReal Pro version 2022.11 or higher

Android devices:
- phones, tablets
- Chromebooks
- Android emulators
- Windows 11 (Amazon Appstore)

You can use bluetooth/external/built-in keyboards with iReal Pro (Android).

Tempo - decrease/increase (- and = keys)
Tap tempo - , (comma)
Repeats - decrease/increase ([ and ] keys)

Transport, Play
v2024.2 and higher
Play/Stop - space bar (toggles); Pause - period (full stop) key

Older 2022.11 to 2024.1: Play/Pause - Space bar; Stop - period (full stop) key

Added keyboard shortcuts in the Editor for Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo/Save/Close 
(v2023.11 or higher)
Ctrl-X cut; Ctrl-C copy; Ctrl-V paste
Ctrl-Z undo
Ctrl-S save
Ctrl-W close
Esc for clearing selection

To search for a song, click/tap the magnifying glass icon, type in your search text in the search field, press Enter. Use up/down arrow keys to move through the selections, press Enter to choose the song. (Press spacebar to start Play.)

You can use your keyboard for entering chords. (Make sure you enter the more complex symbols in the correct character sequence).
Examples: g7b9 (G7b9) or fadd9 (Fadd9) or eb^-69 (Eb^-69) or d7/c (D7/C)
Use the Enter key on your keyboard to finish the chord and move to the next space.
Example: for a bar with E7 type: e  7  [enter] [enter] [enter] then click the left barline button in the editor buttons on the right of the screen.
TIP: if you are running out of space, e 7 [enter] [enter] left barline or even e 7 [enter] left barline will work

Additional information:

  • Other keys like tab (or shift-tab) may work for various tasks.
  • Some external keyboards have additional buttons which may work in some way. For example, some Logitech keyboards have buttons for volume, play, pause, home, their own built-in mini trackpad etc.
  • Additional key commands for iReal Pro may be added in the future.

Potential problems
Check Android > Settings > Keyboard (there might be many keyboard settings) if you have problems. (e.g. the virtual keyboard or other information menus appear by pressing a keyboard's button).
Samsung devices have their own keyboard settings with various options that might be helpful to turn on or off (in addition to the Android keyboard settings).