For v2024.4 and higher
(Check for updates at the App store, but will not update for old OS versions)

You can use external/bluetooth/built-in keyboards with your device making it much quicker to edit. Also use the keyboard to trigger Play etc.


  • phones, tablets
  • Chromebooks
  • Android emulators
  • (Windows 11)

iPhone, iPad—Apple Smart/Magic Keyboard or paired wireless, bluetooth



General Song key commands

Previous/Next Song - iOS [left/right arrow]
Previous/Next Style - iOS [option left/right arrow], Android [ctrl left/right arrow]
Transpose - iOS [option down/up arrow], Android [ctrl down/up arrow]

Playing a song

Key commands screenshot from iOS below. (Hold down command key to see them—iPad only. Note, when in landscape, the virtual keyboard might block seeing the full screen of shortcuts).

Screenshot from iOS Play showing key commands. See text below 

Android/iOS Play key commands:

Play/Stop Spacebar toggles;
Pause period (full stop) key (.) toggling pause/play/pause
Repeats - decrease/increase  use [ and ] keys
Tempo - decrease/increase use - and = keys
Tap tempo - , use the comma key

LOOPING a section of a song

Android: Long click on start measure, long click on last measure, click inside the selection area to Play;
iOS: Long click–drag to last measure you want in the loop; or Long click, move dots to select measures, click the first measure of the selection to Play


Key commands screenshot from iOS below.

Screenshot of key commands from iOS for editor

Android/iOS Editing key commands:

[Ctrl for Android /Cmd for iOS]

Edit Ctrl/Cmd-E to Edit the song chart
Save Ctrl/Cmd-S Save the song while editing
Close Ctrl/Cmd-W Close the editor
Enter/Return (Next) moves the cursor to the next space (or use arrows)


Barlines (left barlines only)

Ctrl/Cmd-B repeatedly to cycle barline types

Backspace/Delete button

pressed repeatedly, the cursor will reverse towards the beginning of the chart deleting chords, symbols, text one-by-one as it moves backwards

Chord symbols

use your keyboard to type in the chords, if preferred
Make sure you enter the more complex symbols in the correct character sequence.

Example 1
f 7 b 9 (for F7b9)
d b s u s (for Dbsus)
fadd9 (Fadd9)
eb^-69 (Eb^-69)
d7/c (D7/C)
Use Enter/Return key (Next) to move through the next spaces.

Example 2
for a bar with E7 type: e 7 [Enter/Return] a few times then Ctrl/Cmd-B for the next barline
Click the buttons for Coda (or Segno, Fermata, End) Rehearsal letters, etc.

Info (Song title, composer, style, default key)


Invisible chord/inversion (bass note)

w / [then chord letter] (For example w/g for /G)

N.C. (no chord, drums remain playing)

n type letter n on your keyboard


use the arrows (up, down, left, right) to move around the chart (although a mouse click or screen tap is quick)

Repeat symbols

use % for single repeat of previous measure
use x for repeat the last two bars. For example: (x [Enter] Ctrl/Cmd-B [Enter]...)

Slash /

/ key on your keyboard


Add space, click a space

Delete space, click a space

Text (add text or DC, DS indications etc.)

Ctrl/Cmd-T (not on Chromebooks)
Android: to exit click the x
iOS: press the Return key or click the x




To make a selection:
Long click on the first space you want to start the selection from, (if you see options, click Select). The measure will select, then long click the last space of your selection;
Then Long click on the selection area:

  • Insert space (inserts empty spaces the same length of the selected area, and moves the rest of the chords forward)
  • Delete (same as cut)
  • Cut (removes the selection and saves the selection to the clipboard to paste elsewhere if desired)

To paste, long press on a space, select Paste Insert (moving existing measures forward), or Paste Over (which pastes on top of existing measures). Using the Paste key command (Ctrl-V) is a Paste Insert.

Either Long click until bar selects, then drag to the last measure you want in the selection area, or use Arrows to go to the space, then Shift-arrow (left or right arrow) a few times to select

Then Long click on selection area:

  • Insert space (moves the rest of the chords forward)
  • Delete space (same as cut)
  • Cut (removes the selection and saves the selection to the clipboard to paste elsewhere if desired)

To paste, either long press on a space, select Paste or arrow to a space then use the Key command  (Cmd-V) which will Paste Insert.


[Ctrl for Android /Cmd for iOS]

Cut Ctrl/Cmd-X
Copy Ctrl/Cmd-C
Paste insert Ctrl/Cmd-V
Delete space Ctrl/Cmd-Backspace/Delete
Undo Ctrl/Cmd-Z
Clear selection Esc key