(iReal Pro 2021.6 or Android 5 or older)
Go to a song and tap the Edit (pencil) button on the top right corner and tap on Edit or hold on song title in Song index for menu -> Edit.
  1. 'i' Info button: allows you to edit the title, composer, style indication and key of the song
  2. Chord quality button (select the root, chord quality, inversion)
  3. Invisible root (blue dot circled): select it if you don't want to write out the root, just repeat the previous chord over the specified bass note(see pic below)
  4. Left/Right arrows to move the cursor
  5. Input mode:
    1. 1st tap: Alternate chords: add small alternate chords above the existing chord (Note: the player will ignore them)
    2. 2nd tap: 'abc' - text input: add text or select the rehearsal texts available in text mode under button. System text has a list of commonly used texts (e.g. D.C. al Coda, D.S. al Coda, repeat times up to 8x) understood and interpreted by the Player. The arrows under button 3 help to move the text vertically.
    3. 3rd tap: back to normal chord input
  6. Eraser: delete chords & symbols where the cursor is
  7. Delete/Add space in the chart (more info here)
  8. Undo button: undo your edit
  9. Symbols button: 1st tap: Segno, 2nd: coda, 3rd: fermata, 4th: cancel all
  10. Rehearsal mark: 1st tap: A, 2nd: B, 3rd: C, 4th: D, 5th: in(intro), 6th: V(verse), 7th: cancel
  11. Bar line: 1st: regular, 2nd: double bar line, 3rd: repeat, 4th: cancel
  12. Set the time signature
  13. Change the size of the chord: 1st tap: small, tap 2: normal, tap 3: cancel (it changes the size until the next size change)
  14. Down arrow to add vertical space (Tap on it several times to increase it or remove it. Often used to separate a Coda section.)
  15. Repeat endings: 1st tap: 1st ending, 2nd: 2nd ending, 3rd: 3rd ending, 4th: open repeat, 5th: cancel
  16. Slash: indicate repetition of what is written on the previous beat
  17. Repeat symbol: repeat the previous measure
  18. Two-bar repeat symbol: repeat the previous two bars by placing this sign over a bar line.