Go to a song and click the Edit (pencil) button on the top right corner and click on Edit Song.
  1. Delete/Add space in the chart (more info here)
  2. Change the size of the chord: N: normal, S: small (click it to turn it ON/OFF)
  3. Chord quality button (enter the Chord 'F' and select the chord quality from drop-down menu like ^7, 7, 7b9)
  4. Alternative chord: click on it to add small alternative chords above the existing chord(Note:the player will ignore them) Click it to get back to Regular chords
  5. Invisible root: repeats the previous chord over the specified bass note
  6. Down arrows to add vertical spaces: click on it to enable/disable it. Often used to separate a Coda section.
  7. Repeat endings: 1st ending, 2nd ending, 3rd ending, open repeat, click to cancel
  8. Set the Time signature
  9. Add any comment or repeat texts: list of commonly used texts (e.g. D.C. al Coda, D.S. al Coda, repeat times) understood and interpreted by the Player. Just click the drop-down menu for the options. You can move the text vertically with the arrows.
  10. Edit the title, composer, style indication and key of the song. Make sure you set the right key signature for the chord changes you put in your chart.

•/• - use this to repeat the previous bar (shortcut: %)
•//• - use this sign over a bar line to repeat the previous two bars (shortcut: x)

More information about inputing a chart.