Your license entitles you to use iReal Pro on the SAME operating system (OS) on multiple devices.
(iOS, macOS & Android are different operating systems/platforms so you can't install your Mac version to your iPad or Android and vice versa).
Original purchase from an App store:
To download the app to your other device on the same OS, make sure that you are logged in with the account you used for the original purchase (you should be able find iReal Pro listing in your account's purchased apps list).
This means you need:
iOS version: 1 purchase in the App Store on your device to install the app on iPhone & iPad & iPod
Android version: 1 purchase in Google Play Store to install the Android version on Android tablet, Android phones & Chromebooks (or Android emulator)
Amazon version: 1 purchase in the Amazon AppStore to install it on your Fire tablet
Mac version: 1 purchase in the Mac App Store to install the Mac version on your Mac computer (MacBook, Mac Pro, Studio, Mac mini and iMac).
Original purchase directly from us - Mac version:
1 purchase directly from us to install the Mac version on your Mac computer (MacBook, Mac Pro, Studio, Mac mini and iMac). Download directly from us for the latest version, then use your license number from your original purchase to activate.
Contact us if you purchased iReal Pro directly from us and want to install it on an older computer
Unfortunately we have no way to transfer licenses between different platforms.
Mac, iOS and Android are separate platforms with separate billing by Apple and Google/Amazon.
We don’t have access to their billing, we don’t have your name either and we receive limited amount of promo codes so we can't fulfill thousands of users' requests who are transferring to new devices between different platforms.
Thank you for your understanding!