The Coda symbol can be used in two different ways in iReal Pro to define how the form of a song is to be played.
One way is to use the Coda as what is sometimes referred to as outro or tag.
As seen in 500 Miles High, the Coda will be played only once at the very end.
If for example, you set the player to repeat 5 times, the main part of the song will repeat 5 times and finally jump to the Coda during the very last repeat right before the C-7 chord.
As you can see in this other example (Alley Cat), you can even omit the Coda symbol in the middle of the song and only have a Coda section indicated at the end of the form.
In this case, the Coda section will also be played as a tag or outro at the very end of the song but there will be no jumps and the repeats will be played all the way through before the Coda section.
Another way of using the Coda symbol is to make the Coda section part of the form. This means that the Coda section will be played at every repeat and not just at the very end. For this to work, you have to use the Coda symbol in conjunction with one of the text indications: D.S. al Coda or D.C. al Coda. In the example above the resulting form will be AABA-Coda at each repeat.
Note that if you set the number of repeats to 1, the two types of Coda will behave in the same manner and only play once at the very end.
As you can see form the examples, the convention is to put the "jump from" Coda symbol at the end of the measure and the "jump to" Coda symbol at the beginning of the first measure of the Coda section.
To better understand how the Coda symbol works I recommend experimenting on your own and looking at other examples from the charts available in the forums in the main lists like Jazz, Brazilian, Latin, Pop...