Difference between accompaniment styles and style indicators:

Accompaniment styles:
  • iReal Pro comes with 51 playback styles (extra 12 Blues styles/17 Salsa styles are available as an in-app purchase)
  • tap on the chart to reveal the playback control, tap on the accompaniment style to select one of the styles
  • if an accompaniment style has been manually selected from the playback control, it will remain set for this song
  • the accompaniment style is remembered for a song in a playlist, so this same song could have a different accompaniment style in a different playlist or in the main song list
Style indicator:
  • it is only a text that you can edit under INFO when you open the Editor
  • depending on the text you add to the style, it will look for the closest available accompaniment style automatically e.g. style indicator text 'Ballad' will set Jazz - Ballad
  • when you sort the main song list by Style, you will see the style indications, not the available accompaniment style