iOS, Android
Tap the Share button in a playlist
  1. iReal Pro Format: you can share it with your bandmates via email, AirDrop or any cloud service (Dropbox, Box, iCloud Files, Google Drive)
  2. Post to Forums: it will copy the playlist to your clipboard. Log in to the forum and paste the content of the clipboard into a post in the related Forum
  3. PDF: you can share a playlist as a PDF booklet with all the songs in it
  4. Setlist: you can share the list of songs of that current playlist

Click the Playlist (left sidebar);
then either Click the Share button (top right) for Export Playlist options,

or Control+click on the Playlist name (left) sidebar, Export Playlist
Options 1 to 4 as above
5. Share: use this option to share the song in iReal Pro format to Email, Apple Messages, AirDrop etc.