Go to a song, tap on the Share button on the top right and the Record button.
When you select Record, a window pops up where you can select your:
- input volume
- AAC/WAV format (use AAC for emailing as they are smaller files; WAV for high quality, perfect for Audio editors or DAWs)
- audio input (on Mac)
Don't forget to plug in your headphones when you're recording. Bluetooth has a built-in latency so the recording feature doesn't work with Bluetooth headphones.

Once you finished recording, you need to save it in order to listen to it or send it.
Select one these options:
- save the file to Dropbox/Box/Google Drive/(Apple) Files
- email the song
- copy/paste it to Garageband (on iOS only)

Note: On Android you can save it to your phone with a file manager app like Solid File Explorer.
The file should be saved here: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.massimobiolcati.irealb/cache
When you quit the app, cache gets cleared so you should move it within your phone.