Currently we do not sell or support the app in the Amazon App Store.

If you previously purchased iReal Pro through Amazon, please email us the invoice of your Amazon purchase to and we'll transfer you to the Android version.

Here are the steps how to locate the invoice.

In case you're still on an Amazon tablet:
Some users have used a workaround to install the Google Play Store version on Fire tablets.
(There is no 32-bit version of iReal Pro sorry - old Fire devices, please check the specifications of your tablet.)

Here is the tutorial:
However we no longer recommend its use or provide technical support for Fire devices.
Please check Google's help pages on claiming a refund (within the refund period) if you made a very recent purchase but it does not work on your Fire.

Don’t forget to make a backup of your songs/playlist, and then remove the old version from your device. The new version won't install otherwise.