"+>" - adds a blank cell in the currently selected position shifting the following part of the chord progression of one beat/cell forward.
For example tap in the first space top left and tap the Plus button 16 times to create space across the top to add space for an intro.
Here is an example to spread out the chords.
You can make bars half as wide if you delete the spaces in the bar.
"<x" - removes the current cell, moving the rest of the chord progression backwards one beat/cell.
To delete a whole measure you’ll need to tap the Delete Beat four times (if that’s how many cells were used for the measure).
Mac version: these two buttons are at the top of the Editor panel (to the left of the N S buttons), click in the space in the measure where you want to add/delete spaces, then click the appropriate button (or use its key command) to add or delete space in that measure.
Do not allow a measure (bar) to split between two systems at the end of any line (system). Add or delete space along the line where the split occurs so the measure at the right end completes and ends with a barline. (Each measure must have a barline on either side.)
iReal Pro has two font sizes, use the Small size when reducing space if desired.